Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the catch?

There is no catch! We just want our scholars to focus all their attention on being full-time students and parents in a stable environment, without having to worry about situational obstacles. We want our scholars to walk away from our program feeling successful, accomplished, and ready to live a fulfilling life with their families.We hopeto inspire the children of our scholars to pursue higher education, like their parents. As long as our scholars follow the guidelines established by our organization and respect the program, we will do everything in our power to help them thrive.

How does BFS support scholars?

We support our scholars by helping them realize their potential and empowering them to achieve it. Our comprehensive programs provide stable housing, nutritional aid, counseling, academic support, financial literacy, and more! We want to support our scholars in every aspect of their lives to ensure they can succeed.

Who can live in the housing?

Housing is only available to parents and children within our residential program. However, we assist in connecting outside family members with the appropriate resources in the community.

What do scholars' children do while their parents acquire a higher education?

Scholars' children live with them in the housing provided by our program. While scholars are working hard in school, dependable child care is organized by BFS. Children age five and under are required to attend a child care facility, approved by BFS. Children older than five are required to be enrolled in Muncie Community Schools and can attend a variety of after school programs through BFS and other community partners.

Do scholars have to get a four-year degree?

Scholars do not have to get a four-year degree if it is not the right fit for them, but they are required to pursue some form of higher education. This includes working toward the completion of a four-year degree, an associate degree, and/or another program certification. First and foremost, we are an educational organization with a housing component.

What if scholars don't have a car?

This is not a problem. Our campus and office are located near to MITS bus stations. Scholars can use the MITS bus to get to class, home, or to our programs.

Why should you donate to BFS?

BFS is working to fill a need in Delaware County — Muncie's poverty rate is more than double the national rate. So, BFS empowers single parents to overcome poverty by providing support in every area of their lives. We offer single-parent families the chance to create a new narrative for themselves and future generations. 

Beneficence Family Scholars is a pending nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

What does your donation go toward?

Our scholars count on your donation for their housing and education. As we develop BFS, we need your donations to establish our nonprofit. Your generosity helps pay for families' housing, nutritional aid, counseling, academic support, and financial literacy.

Are there other ways to support BFS, besides financially?

Of course! You could also share our name and mission! Help us tell the community who we are. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram at @bfscholars.
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