Beneficence Family Scholars provides the following support services:


Only 23.3% of adults that reside in Muncie
have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
Beneficence Family Scholars (BFS) believes in empowering families through education. Scholars must complete a four-year degree, an associate degree, certificate, and/or other program. BFS provides necessary information and guidance in covering the costs of college through financial aid, scholarships, grants, and loans. Our education program for parents provides key ways for scholars to achieve academic success with:
  • Advice on course selections
  • Assistance with financial aid applications
  • Advocation for them at their school
  • Information about work-study programs and scholarship opportunities
  • Bi-monthy meetings with academic advisors

Child Care

Scholars of every age are offered programs at Beneficence Family Scholars. One of our requirements is that children age five and under benrolled in a child care facility, approved by our organization.
Children older than five have access to a variety of after-school programs organized in collaboration with our community partners. Families have access to child care and after-school programs for free or reduced prices.

Nutrition & Health

Delaware County has the third highest food insecurity rate in Indiana.
Every family deserves to have the tools necessary for pursuing a healthy, active, and productive life. We enable scholars to gain knowledge on important health issues and offer them the opportunity to work on improving their own health. We help families connect to primary care providers within the Muncie Community.
Beneficence Family Scholars also helps families in the program access nutritional and health-related resources such as:
  • Educational programs for grocery shopping and selecting nutritious meals
  • Access to local food banks 
  • Enrollment in government assistance programs including SNAP and WIC


Families in Beneficence Family Scholars can attend comprehensive programs that are tailored to provide support in every aspect of their lives. While we haven’t been able to offer in-person programming since March, we are working to expand our virtual library of classes and resources!

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Scholars deserve to have stable housing while they pursue educational opportunities. Families enrolled in Beneficence Family Scholars’ program can apply for our residential program, expected to launch in the Fall of 2021. In the residential program, families will have a safe place to call home while they work toward creating a better future for their family. In the meantime, we hope to be able to offer rental assistance in January, 2021.

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